Full Name
Willett Kempton
Job Title
Professor and Technical Director
Willett Kempton is Professor in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment, and Technical Advisor for Special Initiative on Offshore Wind, at the University of Delaware. He is co-founder and Associate Director of the Center for Research in Wind. He is Affiliated Professor at Danish Technical University.

Dr. Kempton directs about 10 professional researchers and graduate students in research on clean energy technologies. He lectures widely and publishes scientific and technical articles on offshore wind power, electric transportation, and energy analysis. Kempton created the concept of using electric vehicles to provide grid services, and has four patents for technologies integrating electric vehicles with the power grid. He has also led ground-breaking analysis and policy recommendations on the cost of offshore wind power and on new deployment methods for offshore wind turbines. See URLs https://crew.udel.edu/v2g/ and https://crew.udel.edu/wind-power/ or twitter @WillettKempton
Special Initiative on Offshore Wind
Willett Kempton